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                TALENT CONCEPT

                Our Concept of Talents:

                To respect and cultivate the talents with both the ability and moral characters.

                To give full scope to the talents.

                 We regard our employees as a creator for both the company’s and the shareholders’ benefits, and they are also the important element of the company’s core competitiveness.

                Zhejiang Textiles attaches great importance to its employee’s growth. Both the company’s and employee’s growth are regarded as mutual basis and mutual promotion to each other.

                We highly appreciate those who work hard and are eager to be creative. We anxiously hope our employees are in full agreement with our enterprise culture. Let us work with passion and look forward to a brilliant future.

                What we offer you is not just a job, it is a career. It is a stage where you can give full play to your strengths, talents and creativity. We believe tomorrow is in your own hands. Try it!



                Our Ideas of Talents Cultivation

                To be the promoter for both employee’s growth and the enterprise’ development.

                To create talented person, and to provide sufficient and competent talents that ensures enterprise’s sustainable development.

                To establish a human resource management system that focuses on talents’ growth with performance oriented.


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