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                ENTERPRISE CULTURE

                With over 30 years of development, Zhejiang Textiles Group has formed its corporate culture, on the basis of the enterprise core values and  with "people-oriented, continuous innovation" as the core.

                 Business Mission

                Promoting trade flow and serving quality of life

                    Zhejiang Textile Group, as the flow of commerce service providers,treat the ability promotion of the various elements of factoring products, customers, information, capital, brand, price, etc. as an important mission,to provide high quality services to various stakeholders ,in order to reconcile the tripod Nai, whether the facility.

                    The goal that Zhejiang Textile Group pursues is to use superior service to give domestic and foreign customers with much and highly quality services,obtaining enterprise value on the basis of services provided, enabling shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, government , common values and social stakeholders maximize their common values.

                 Business Vision

                To be the most creativity trade flow services provider

                    The flow of commerce is the core and pillars of business of Zhejiang Textile Group. Zhejiang Textile Group will put trade circulation supply chain integration as a business transformation driven.By the internal management model innovation, business service innovation,it will supply chain to provide value-added services to the key aspects of the flow of commerce , and complete strategic transformation from by the middle of traders to supply chain management services provider , to work hard to make social influence of the well-known commercial distribution services company with social influence, and to enhance the quality of social life contribute.

                The Group’s core Values

                Responsibility cast integrity   Innovation create excellence

                    Responsibility - Every Zhejiang Textile person shall be clear of duties, finish job in his place, assume responsibility bravely, actively enter  responsibility state,and build strong execution of Zhejiang Textile Group. 

                    Honesty - employees, shareholders, community, partners, customers are our most valuable asset, and honesty is the best adhesive to integrate the supply chain stakeholders.Thus, under the premise of maintaining the company's interests, integrity is the first principle that Zhejiang Textile person should follow. Zhejiang Textile Group will continue to upgrade their industries and social influence with consistent faith force.

                     Innovation - Innovation is the fine tradition of Zhejiang Textile Group, also the fundamental of Zhejiang Textile Group standing in a perfectly competitive industry trade flows . Zhejiang Textile people will continue to enhance innovation capability as the starting point of business management, market  innovation as the orientation, management innovation as the basis, the business and service innovation as the core, and technology and innovation as drivers, to promote the sustainable development of Zhejiang Textile Group .

                    Excellence - Zhejiang Textile people reject mediocrity.With sunny mentality and clear objectives is the basic requirement of every Zhejiang person. With a strong sense of responsibility, initiative, dedication and the bigger picture is an essential quality every member should have. "Sail against the current, fall behind" Zhejiang Textile people will not be satisfied with the current status, will continue beyond the self in development, from good to great, to provide customers with service beyond expectations, and create new glories for Zhejiang Textile Group.

                 Company philosophy

                Quality first  Customer first  Win-win cooperation

                    Quality First - Zhejiang Textile people believe the quality of products and services is a core element of the company's competitiveness. Every person should put hundred percent passion and energy into work, to provide customers with high-quality value products and services, and to use their actions contribute to improve the quality of life for the community. 

                     Customer first - Essentially  trade circulation is a service industry, the relevant parties cooperating with us are our customers. Zhejiang Textile must set a good service attitude and sense of service, to put customer demand as the orientation.We should proactively integrate group resources, make effective response to customer’s efficient demands, to provide customers with timely and co-demand solutions suitable price. 

                    Cooperation and win-win - Zhejiang Textile admire commercial criteria that helping others to benefit ourselves,cooperating with all stakeholders sincerely,and win-win symbiosis.We effort to achieve win-win situation of business with customers,the company with employees, and the company with the community, so that the respective parties can achieve added value in the supply chain.

                Company management philosophy
                People-oriented   Innovation and Change  Standardized and efficient

                    People-oriented - Zhejiang Textile Group adhere to the management philosophy of people-orientation; adhere to employing principles of people with ability. With excellent corporate culture to meet the spiritual needs of employees; with a competitive incentive system to promote employee’s creativity and initiative, making them achieve self-worth, and with a fair promotion mechanisms to meet the professional development needs of employees.

                    Innovation and change - When enterprises want to seek development in a fully competitive market , we must be able to view of the situation and thinking, knowledge of potential moving.So, By complying with industry development trend of the times, Zhejiang Textile Group will change ,innovate ,break the old shackles, update management philosophy, and establish flexible management mechanism, to build corporate culture with innovation as the core.

                    Standardized and efficient - to establish a scientific and standardized management system is the fundamental and basic if a company wants to develop sustainably. Zhejiang Textile Group ,on the basis of experience accumulated over the years, will summery the characteristics of industry, grasp the development trend of the industry, and establish a careful planning system, practical organizational structure and efficient coordination mechanism,and tight control mode, laying solid management foundation for the quick development of the Group; Zhejiang textile person shall put efficiency as the pilot, and treat high efficiency as the development of efficiency lifeline for business transformation.depending on the development of efficient lifeline for business transformation.We respect high efficiency, high efficiency, to establish a performance-oriented and efficient energy management system.

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